India & religious intolerance: who are under attack?


This has reference to an article in the Boston Globe carried an article ‘In India, anti-Christian attacks are vicious, common – The Boston Globe’ (but the link is a Christian propaganda website…refer

The said article is for spreading Christianity in the world, casting aspersions on tolerant society of India.

It is not my intent to give any rebuttal to such propaganda material, but to bring forth the overall perception of evangelism and to brng forth that it is majority community in India which is under attack but not Christians in India. A few glimpses…

Catholic Church has been focusing on Asia for its spread, particularly India, since 1991 when Pope John Paul II visited India.


Church having set as a goal for converting people into Christianity, found India with its tolerant attitude to many different forms of bhakti (devotion) for human emancipation, as a more promising ground, for conversion to christianity, as the society in general is tolerant religiously.

From 2004 onwards, when UPA government is in power (Sonia Gandhi, an Italian, president of Indian National Congress which formed UPA Govt), spread of evangelism and conversion to Christianity has become more a thorn in the social fabric resulting in building unrest among Hindus.


Evangelists adopted dubious means to canvas Christianity for conversion at the expense of deriding moral values and ethics, as money played an important role in conversion.

They do not mind stooping low to don Hindu monks orange robes, imitate Krishna chariot with flag of Bhagavadgita, to convert gullible & innocent tribal, dalit & poor people on sly…

Read… Missionaries in India: Conversion or Coercion? @ ….[I heard about missionaries who dress in orange robes to look like swamis. Gullible and desperate villagers are told that their traditional gods are actually corrupted versions of Christ; that the venerable saints and sages of India’s past were really Christians; that the three horizontal stripes traditionally drawn on the foreheads of Shiva devotees stand for the Holy Trinity; that the Upanishadic prayer that includes “Lead us from darkness to light” was meant as a cry for Jesus to save them.]

 Evangelism became lucrative for some. Money from overseas Church donors became a source for personal growth for many in India.

In March 2015, when earthquake struck Nepal, Pope tweeted as follows….

Is it a time for conversion? Is it a message for people in distress?.. albeit cardinal principle of Church, is not appreciated in public.

India has been experiencing communal violence between Muslims and Hindus, since 1947 at one place or other which are mainly related to political appeasement for winning elections and does not reflect on intolerance of national fabric of community living.

Hindu way of life is inclusive irrespective of religious worships, but frequent political attempts to deride its practice, by narrow minded religions, had affect on its social fibre gave rise to Hinduism concept since early 1990s (Hinduism is not a religion, even now…it is all inclusive and multi faceted and hence tolerant).

After, NDA Govt took over, in 2014, under a new nationalist leader Mr. Modi, who had been accused wrongly for over a decade till Courts acquitted him.

But Mr. Modi carried baggage of undue biased attitude which, the national (and also international) media, most political parties in India, pseudo Intellectuals, had been propagating unjustifiably.

Riding over such biased campaign, Church in India, tried to take advantage by deceitful inputs to international media on religious intolerance of majority Hindu society in India, which is unfortunate.

During Delhi assembly (local) elections, a series of reports on deemed attacks of Hindu community over Church were circulated which were proved later to be far from truth. Consequently, the BJP party under leadership of Mr, Modi, lost the election because of uproar on secularism. This is still continuing in international media prompting biased view on India, unfortunately without understanding the ground reality.

  1. See the Delhi Police reports on religious attacks in Delhi alone…(Refer…
  1. To put matters in perceptive, data from the Ministry of Home Affairs …. there were 668, 823, and 644 incidents of communal violence nationwide in the years 2012, 2013, and 2014 respectively [Refer..,].

At no time, Indian society can become intolerant as long as Hindu community is a majority for that matter wherever Hindus live, tolerant communal living is assured based on its multifaceted, but unique, old and time tested philosophy (san few aberrations for political reasons, which are inadvertent). Indian society believes and promotes Universal Family ethics.