FRANCOIS GAUTIER is tempted to say … : “Arise ô Hindus, stop being cowards, remember that a nation requires Kshatriyas, warriors, to defend Knowledge, to protect one’s women and children, to guard one’s borders from the Enemy”….
And do Indians need a Narendra Modi to remind them of that simple truth?”

Understandable. Fact of matter is ordinary Hindus are tuned to ‘karma siddhanta’ to become meek, while others would goad and kill few of emotional (rajasika’s) & unemotional (satwik’s) Hindus by might. Few pompous (rajasika’s) Hindus would compromise. This is what happened in the last 1400 years. Hope their pereseverence for seeking higher planes of personal level satisfaction, keeps them going-on, rather than preserving ‘dharma’. Namaste!


In the wake of Al Jazeera Channel – قناة الجزيرة الفضائية’s shameful interview of Ram Madhav RSS, where they tried to equate Narendra Modi & Hindus with ISIS, with hardly any protest from both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian Media, the question needs to be asked again:

“Muslims are bullies and Hindus cowards”, the Mahatma Gandhi once said. He may be right – at least about Hindus: there has been in the past 1400 years, since the first invasions started, very few Shivaji’s and Maharana Pratap’s to fight the bloody rule of the Moghuls, or hardly any Rani of Jhansi’s to stand against the humiliating colonial yoke of the British. If a nation’s soul is measured by the courage of its children, then India is definitely doomed: without the Sikhs, whose bravery is unparalleled in the more recent history of India, Hindus would…

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